Metro Liquor

 We are a full-service group of British Columbia -based liquor stores. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding service, a surprising product range with a focus on local, organic and hard-to-find products from the Pacific Northwest and around the world, all at everyday best value pricing.

We opened our first store in the Okanagan Valley in 2003 and quickly became close friends with local Okanagan wine producers and loyal customers. We spend a lot of our time ensuring that our customers and suppliers love to do business with us. Local customers and producers in Saskatchewan will enjoy the same special treatment from our team. Our wine, beer and spirit experts enjoy what they do and feature cool, new products every week. Watch for our regular flyers with huge deals.

Metro Liquor’s distinctive bright green is representative of our support for environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, energy efficiency, a large selection of organic and biodynamic products and the use of natural and reclaimed materials in the construction of our beautiful stores. We look forward to providing you with the best alcohol at the best prices from our British Columbia Metro Liquor Stores.